Terminator 2 Online Pokies – Real Money Pokies Online

Any person who wants to enjoy a fine real money pokies online looks for a few prominent things: great benefits, unique reward, a thrilling gambling experience, and great betting options. All Jackpots bonus pokies qualifies in giving its gamblers the most incredible gaming experiences with wonderful games and great benefits you simply cannot find anywhere else. Terminator 2, fortunately, has a great deal of rewards for you such as the ability to win up $440,000, a Blue Scatter, a Red Scatter, T 1000 and T 800 features and a highly unique Free Spins experience you will, without a doubt, find very rewarding. So, if you are looking for a great game that will give you great features with unforgettable thrill – Terminator 2 is the best decision you could ever make.

Australian Online Pokies Bonuses and Benefits

All Jackpots Casino is determined to let you enjoy a great atmosphere of unique casino games with the most favoured bonuses you will never find anywhere else.

First of all – The T - 1000 and T – 800 Features

T – 1000 is a great symbol that, once appearing on the screen, activates the mode of T 800 VISION. Once T 800 gets into motion, cash is being credited immediately to your payline and you get the ability to enjoy the highest payout possible existing at this game with the special characteristics of T 1000.


Once WILD is a part of your game you can know for sure your winning abilities rise immediately. Although on most cases getting two identical symbols next to each other will not give you a nice payout you can enjoy from, WILD is here to change things for you. The special characteristic of WILD is its ability to substitute the other symbols (serve as a joker, if you'd like). By doing that, those identical symbols can use the adjacent WILD that appears on the reels, and create a three of a kind, and make your spin into a great "win". Four of a kind and five of a kind can be similarly created and more and more payouts will (in direct relation) "fly" to your payline. WILD can also give you nice payouts by itself, depending on the number and order of its symbols on the reels.


Scatter at Terminator 2 also adds an additional spark to your game. As always, some of you probably already know that Scatter is unique by its ability to give you Free Spins. The Free Spins will allow you to win more credits while you are not required to deposit additional amounts. 3, 4 and 5 Scatters will do the work and 10 Free Spins will immediately be on your way! So, after understanding the regular job the Scatter symbol, it is time to take a look on the unique way it functions at THIS game!

Red Scatter

That is interesting… Red Scatter is the unique feature that spices things up and lets you enjoy not only free spins for your additional credits, but also cooperates with the wonderful T 800. Each and every time T 800 is a part of your game, the existence of the Red Scatter (merely a single symbol of the Red Scatter can do), will benefit you with even MORE Free Spins!

Blue Scatter

The Blue Scatter is here to take the place of the regular Scatter on Terminator 2. Although not only one such Scatter does the work, as the Red one, you can enjoy the fact that the blue Scatter also gives you a fine payout you can enjoy from.

Free Spins

The Free Spins are the direct result of your Scatters. The Free Spins are this great experience in which reels are being spun and you get to see credits being won, with minimum action required from you. Now, the highly unique part at Terminator 2 Free Spins is that at this mode you have no less than 1024 different ways to win comparing to the ordinary 243 different ways existing at the regular mode of the game. In addition to that, the whole experience of the game shifts completely when the Free Spins mode takes place. First of all, the colour of the background changes, secondly, the music alters as well and most importantly, a whole atmosphere of thrill and mystery is the dominant characteristic of this mode. Titles run over the screen, electronic background sounds exists as well and you can understand the agent theme is now dominant.

Betting Options and the Power in your Gambling Experience

You'll discover this fine game gives you the best of the best when it comes to your gambling experience. On the one hand, you can enjoy the uncertainty and the curiosity that comes along the randomness of the spins' results. After all, you can never know how things will work out. On the other hand, Terminator 2 lets you take part in some of the gambling decisions so you can also make a few decisions before results are being exposed.

Your Money, Your Amounts

You are the one making the decisions when it comes to your pocket. It is highly important that you will be aware to the fact you can make changes in your deposits at any given point during the game. You can always start with betting on the maximal amount, and whenever you feel like it – simply press the – button and lower the number of coins. Similarly, you can always start depositing low and with confidence rising up, so can your depositing amounts. The power is yours!

So? Come and join us! Terminator 2 is waiting just for you!