Penguin Splash Online Pokies

Ice blocks, frigid rivers and happy penguins set the scene for the fun-filled Penguin Splash online pokies, now available for real money gaming at the Australian Online Casino. The five-reel, 25 payline pokies features all of the symbols of a stunning Antarctic scene that will make you want to pull out your suitcase and sign up for an excursion.

If you can't take trip to the Pole, do the next best thing and play Penguin Splash at the Australian pokies casinos. The All Jackpots online pokies provide you with a high quality online pokies casino environment that allows you to enjoy your gambling adventure in an atmosphere of Las Vegas casino entertainment.

Penguin Splash Symbols  

When you play Penguin Splash online pokies at All Jackpots Casino you'll find all of the symbols of the Antarctic penguins' frigid environment. Along with the grinning penguins you'll see walruses, polar bears, snowflakes, whales, wild salmon and the traditional slot machine letters and numbers.

Your winnings are dependent on the symbols that come up in your spin, once the reels come to a stop. You want to form as many winning combinations as possible on enabled paylines because your payouts are dependent on the winning combinations that you create. You can play the game in coins or credit mode and you can enable as many of the 25 paylines as you want. Remember though – only those completed combinations that occur on enabled paylines are eligible for payouts, so it's advised that you enable as many of the paylines as possible with a deposit. Make a deposit on every payline that you want to activate.

When a winning combination lines up on a payline, you'll see the win highlighted on the reels and your winning payout is displayed in the Win box. If you do not achieve a winning combination, the game ends and you can start to play again.

Wild Symbol

The Wild Salmon is the game's wild symbol. This symbol substitutes for other symbols to form winning paylines. It also creates its own winning combinations whenever five Wilds appear in a line on an enabled payline.

Free Spins Pokies

Penguin Splash features a free spins pokies game which is activated whenever three or more penguin symbols appear, scattered across the reels. When these penguins appear on your reels you'll receive 25 free spins – the number of symbols that activated the free spins indicates the number of free spins that you've won. All free spins bets and paylines remain the same as the spin that activated the free spins.  A random double multiplier emerges, randomly, throughout the free spins, to multiply your free spins wins. Free spins can be reactivated during the bonus game if three or more penguin symbols emerge, scattered across the reels, during a free spin. Your new free spins total is added the free spins that you previously had, giving you a new number of free spins.

Gamble Feature

Penguin Splash online pokies features a Gamble feature in which you can gamble your wins and multiply those wins by guessing the colour or suit of a hidden card.

Any win activates the Gamble feature. You can play the feature, if you wish, or you can skip it and continue to play your regular game. The gamble activation limit is five Gamble rounds per game which gives you multiple opportunities to win your gamble.

Any regular game win will activate the Gamble feature. When this feature activates, you can either click "Gamble" to play or continue with your regular game. If you play you'll be asked to identify the characteristics of a hidden card. If you guess the colour of the concealed card (red or black) you'll double your existing wins. If you guess the suit of the concealed card (spades, clubs, diamonds or hearts) you'll quadruple your existing wins. You automatically collect your wins during the feature and can then return to your regular game.

Special Features

Penguin Splash online pokies features an Expert Mode with special features.

The AutoPlay feature allows you to set the number of spins that you want to play, so the game will continue to spin until you direct it to stop. Auto-play stops your spins if the number of credits that you've won on any spin exceeds or equals the amount selected.

There are additional features in the Expert Mode as well.

In the Quick Spin feature, the speed of the slot reel is increased so your results appear more quickly. The Switch off Gamble feature disables the Gamble feature until the end of the game. You can also turn on and off the slot machine's sounds, display the game's graphics with enhanced effects, play the game with high quality effects and toggle between 3D mode and Standard mode at your discretion.

Penguin Splash at All Jackpots

Penguin Splash online pokies is a featured pokies at the All Jackpots Casino. All Jackpots provides games with an interactive online gaming environment of multiple gaming platforms, lucrative casino bonuses, tournaments and much more.

You can play Penguin Splash on your laptop or desktop PC at any time at the Download Casino. Download the casino software into your console and enjoy Download Casino games at your leisure from the comfort of your own home.

If you're traveling you can play Penguin Splash on any public computer terminal at the Flash Casino. Just open the casino's website on any Internet browser, sign in with your username and password and enjoy your games. When you're finished, sign out to protect your personal information, your banking details and your gaming history.

Penguin Splash will make a splash in your gambling entertainment at any time of the year.