Jurassic Park Online Pokies – Free Spins Bonuses All Day Long!

Feeling WILD? Favouring nature? Craving some gambling and thrill? If movie based casino games appeal to you and you know the favourite Australian online pokies are at All Jackpots Casino, you are no your way to success! With Free Spins and Free Spins choice, multiple ways to gain more credits (243 ways as a matter of fact), special symbols to create you more benefits and crazy rewards and most of all – an unforgettable gambling experience you will simply not have anywhere else… Jurassic Park Online Pokies is the perfect game for you! Join now the crazy party with the most luxurious benefits and most appealing and, of course, thrilling gambling atmosphere. Clearly, you are about to enjoy…

All Jackpots Pokies Bonuses

And there are so many of them… the bonuses at this game split to two: the regular rewards you have probably seen at other pokies games, and the unique bonuses you are not likely to find anywhere else. Whether you like the old and familiar, or you are far more excited with new trends, you will be very satisfied playing this game.


Jurassic Park is probably one of the wildest pokies games available online. With dinosaurs, exciting background music, animations and so on, you will never find a dull moment when you gamble here. However, the WILD experience does not terminate with this. A WILD symbol is at your service in order to create more winnings and more credits for you and for your personal payline. WILD serves as a substitute to all the different symbols on your reels (not including the symbol named Scatter), and by taking the place of "missing" symbols in a series it helps to create three of a kind, four of a kind and five of a kind, thus enabling you to win more credits with much less effort and deposits. With that being said, WILD can also take an active part in your credits gaining by boosting your payline with up to 400.00 credits. This game is all about spoiling you…


Scatter is the wonderful symbol that comes with the unique sense of freedom. Yes, it is correct that WILD helps you gain more credits while reducing the amount of credits being deposited, but Scatter does something even more unique than that. When having Scatter on your reels you get the option to enjoy FREE SPINS that with no deposits at all let you enjoy a great deal of possibilities to have more credits. Scatter, just like WILD can benefit you with extra credits just by its presence on your reels. In addition to that, specifically on Jurassic Park pokies online you enjoy the bonus of Free Spins Choice in which you can decide exactly how you want to use those free spins of yours.


The T REX ALERT is also a highly unique bonus that appears at Jurassic park. When T REX is at your game an ALERT mode is being activated, thus increasing substantially your chances to win 35 additional WILDs on all five of your reels.

Free Spins, Free Spins Choice and Included Benefits

So now there is no doubt Jurassic Park gives you much more. And yet, you still have more to discover when it comes to your rights and your benefits! So, at this pokies game there are five different ways in which you can enjoy your FREE SPINS!

THE FIRST WAY - Velociraptor

12 FREE SPINS are yours at Velociraptor. In addition to that, a WILD multiplier and split WILD take part in Velociraptor for your personal entertainment. WILD will split to 2 and create you more winning combinations. Your FREE SPINS FEATURE at Velociraptor is stacked and the WILDs can bounce at 4X, 5X and even 6X!

THE SECOND WAY - Tyrannosaurus Rex

At Tyrannosaurus Rex you get the opportunity to have the T REX bonus even during the FREE SPINS themselves! Here, once mnore, your FREE SPINS will be stacked!

THE THID WAY – Tricerators

WILD is being stacked at Tricerators, so you can be sure you'll enjoy it over here too. Additionally, FREE SPINS and running WILD that constantly grows per reel will be included in here.

THE FOURTH WAY - Bachiosaurus

Similarly to the FIRST WAY, Bachiosaurus benefits you with 12 FREE SPINS. Differently from the FIRST WAY, Bachiosaurus multiplies each and every one of your winnings. It can be multiplied by 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and even by 6X. In addition to all of the great treats you already receive at Bachiosaurus, Mystery multiplier Feature is a FREE SPINS rewarding feature that can be RETRIGGERED (the number of retriggers is chosen randomly each time). And if all of that is not yet enough for you, at Bachiosaurus, just like all the others, the FREE SPINS FEATURE is stacked.

THE FIFTH WAY – Dilophsaurus

The Dilophsaurus is the last method of FREE SPINS CHOICE offered to you. Like the FIRST and the FORTH ways, Dilophsaurus offers you 12 FREE SPINS, combined with the Winning WILDs feature. As long as the WILD is a part of the game, it contributes to your wins and also turns WILD's random positions. Similarly to the previous ways, Dilophsaurus also gives you the stacked FREE SPINS FEATURE!

So? Is there anything else you need to know? Only the fact that Jurassic Park is the top rated and most favoured pokies game by all gamblers and now you can play it too! Run quickly and enjoy it as much as you can!