Play the Game of Thrones Online Pokies and Experience its Awesome Atmosphere

All Jackpots Casino invites you to enter the wild world of Westeros by playing Game of Thrones online pokies on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.  Game of Thrones is a five-reel online pokies game that you can play in either a 15 paylines format or in the 243 ways to win format.  The 15 payline format gives more frequent, modest wins.  The 243 ways to win format gives the chance for a big win in the bonus rounds. 

As fans of the hit television series, we revel in the constant palace intrigue, the haunting music, and the magical creations such as the soaring dragons, the befanged, earthbound wolves and the massive Wall.  Game of Thrones online pokies captures everything: the dark and foreboding atmosphere, the eerie musical score, the vastly-different characters, and the constant sense that something amazing and possibly dangerous is about to happen.

Magnificent Graphics and Animation

Stone and parchment are the basic materials used in creating much of the mood in Game of Thrones.  Each reel is set in a stone frame.  The four Royal House symbols are carved out of stone.  The Scatter symbol is an iron throne.  Each symbol sits on a parchment background.  You will fly with dragons, encounter menacing-looking wolves, and be awarded a cash bonus after encountering a dragon egg that has exploded in flame! 

Stacking Wilds

It is not unusual in online pokies games for the Wild symbol to stack in the free spins bonus rounds.  In Game of Thrones, the Wild symbol, represented by the Game of Thrones logo,  stacks three-high in the regular game.  This inexorably leads to more wins.

Scatter Symbol and Bonus Rounds

The Iron Throne itself is the Scatter Symbol.  It is the Iron Throne that the Royal Houses seek and the possession of which is the source of all that is dark and dangerous in Westeros.  When two Iron Thrones appear, power cannot be transferred from one Royal House to another.  But the graphics in Game of Thrones will nevertheless shock you: A dragon egg explodes in flame and you as a player receive a nice cash award.

But when three Iron Thrones appear, you immediately realize that you are in the midst of a life or death power struggle; the latent powers of the Four Kingdoms are revealed once again.   You enter the bonus area.  Symbolizing immense power, the flag of each Royal House flies strong in the fierce wind that characterizes Westeros!  The Royal Castles appear, not all at once but one by one.  The slow appearance of the castles along with the strong wind and the striking music combine to give you the feeling that here is a struggle for supremacy that may last centuries!

You feel the powerful enmity each House feels for the others. You must choose one house and one house only, to serve it, and to become an integral part of that House’s destiny!  You are free to choose any of the four Royal Houses but be advised that the rules differ from house to house.  The differences are in the number of free spins you receive, the multiplier that applies to the free spins, and the height that the Sigil Symbols stack in the free spins bonus for Australians.

  • With the House of Baratheon you will be awarded 8 free spins and you will get a 5x multiplier.  Finally, the House of Baratheon Sigil Symbols stack three high.
  • If you choose to ply your troth with the House of Lannister, you will receive 10 free spins.  The multiplier for this house is 4x and the House of Lannister Sigils symbols stack four high!
  • You may very well choose to place your fate in the hands of the House of Stark.  Here you will run with the wolves!  As you recall from the television series, the wolves protect those that they protect and utterly destroy those who threaten the family.  You will be protected for as long as you remain in the House of Stark.  You are awarded 14 free spins with a 3x multiplier.  The House of Stark Sigils Symbols stack five high!
  • Finally, should you entrust your fate to the House of Targaryen.  As a member of the Targaryens, you fly with the dragons.  You receive 18 free spins and a 2x multiplier. Here the Sigil Symbols stack six high!

An added benefit in the free spins bonus rounds is that if you get three Iron Thrones again, the free spins are retriggered.  The biggest jackpot in Game of Thrones is $121,000 but, even if you don’t win that much, there is a good chance that you will return to the regular game with a tidy sum. 

Gamble Feature

You can double your winning by guessing heads or tails correctly on a flip of the Braavosi coin. 

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