Tomb Raider Online Pokies

The Tomb Raider Online Pokies game is one that you won’t want to miss at All Jackpots Casino. It’s a game that is filled with action and adventure and that offers the player a great chance to enjoy the excitement. It’s a five reel and 15 payline game that starts out with a movie where Lara Croft, our heroine, runs, jumps, shoots and leaps. You very quickly see that she is going to be the center of the action in this game, and that the action of the Australian online pokies game will be filled with thrills. Lara is an archeologist and she is after the bad guys who are trying to steal the artifacts. This is certainly not a theme that you would assume you would see every day – but it’s been a wildly popular one with the All Jackpots pokies games.

Getting Involved

As you start to enjoy the online pokies for Australians, you’ll see that there are two Lara symbols. One has her crouching down and one has her shooting a gun. Other symbols that you’ll want to watch for are the idol symbol, the tiger, the gadget, the tomb raider and some more. The one that really helps you out is the Tomb Raider symbol since only two of them will offer you a win. If you’ve got three of these symbols then you’ll have 200 coins for each one that you bet on the payline and if you have four, then you’ll have 2000 coins. Now, if you’re lucky enough to have five of these with the Australian online pokies game, then you’ll see yourself with 7500 coins for each that you’ve placed.

Bonus Bonanza

There is even more fun with the Tomb Raider Online Pokies game with the bonus opportunities. The tomb raider symbol is wild and can help you to make wins. The Lara with the gun is a scatter and if you’ve got two of these you’ll win something. With three you’ll win more and you’ll get to the Free Spins section of the Tomb Raider Online Pokies game. In the free spins pokies games, you’ll have a blast playing and winning even more. There is also a tomb raider bonus section of the game. Here there are 12 idols and each has something hidden behind it. You pick idols and you see what you’ve won behind them. You can actually find yourself with 2500 coins so it’s awesome in addition to the free spins pokies games chances.

Enjoying Every Minute

It’s not often that a sexy, smart and experienced woman is the heroine in the pokies game, and with the online pokies for Australians here players will enjoy every minute of the action. There is something for every player here and every player will have a blast. Men usually love this game because it’s fun to look at Lara and to see what she will do next to defend the objects and fight the bad guys. Women love this game because it’s awesome to watch a tough and sexy woman conquering and saving the day. And combine all of this with the chance to play at All Jackpots and to enjoy All Jackpots pokies games and you’ve got a winning combination. All Jackpots is a location where players will love to play and to enjoy. They can enjoy this game and so many other perks and bonuses while they are at the site. Have a blast today.